9 Minutes


I’m not a morning person, so my iPhone goes off and I press snooze, 9 minutes later I roll out of bed up do my things and get frustrated that I don’t get out the door on time or can’t find something, I need to take with me for the day. 

That darn 9 minute snooze costs me so much more as I try to compose myself for the days situations. But I am looking to stretch myself and explore my potential, writing a blog is part of the process.


I got given this note in Covent Garden whist waiting for my wife.


Be more than a spectator, raise the bar higher and compete with your own potential. Set goals for you personal development and improve you game at for, home and in your relationships.


This gave me the opportunity to look within and see whats good there, analyse what could be improved and how. So I found 9 minutes to settle into the day, meditate or pray if I want to and begin to breathe and absorb the glory and blessing of light of the morning.

I have heard it said  ” If you don’t go within, you go without !”

This is my new challenge NOT to press the snooze bar and earn myself a person best time of 9 minutes.  


This was taken in London Westminister, with tourist all around bustling with excitement on the approach to the London 2012 Olympics, but for a sweet moment time stood still at 10:00 pm or 22:00 hrs, I breathed and clicked. 

Just Riding

Why bother to write a blog at all ? I asked myself, well I did come up with a sort of answer strangely enough. To be honest first it’s about inspiration, the inspiration I have been chasing for the best part of my life, what is it that powers people to do the grand kind of achievements they do and what can that mean to me? I have been fortunate in this ‘half’ of my life to encounter people who I truly believe are inspired and I don’t say that lightly. I too would like to learn this fine art and be able to do that shift thing, you know when we encounter these people and situations we feel it ‘a shift’.

Secondly I believe people that I should share my gift of photography, let me see what others see through my lens and lets hear what they have to say about what the camera has recorded.

Thirdly I hope to make mistakes and hone my gift, I love learning so feedback and let me know where it’s at.

I choose this picture today because of the conversations with my great sister at work, our conversations are truly shifting, much sediment that lies beneath the surface of our veneer. We once spoke about getting a scooter and both got really excited, which it is. But people start talking don’t they, ‘you’ll fall off’ ‘it’s dangerous’ ‘what about when it’s wet’

blah, blah, bloody blah !

What about riding in the sun being, careful and carefree riding across the plains of Africa one day or fancy falling asleep on the last tube home. So do what you want, so long as you don’t hurt others in the process. Ride with the wind in your hair and sand in your eye, oops helmet and googles on of course and say to those blah blahs

‘What ? I’m Just Riding !

This was taken in Treviso, near Venice Italy.

The pair here, made me think about their friendship and joy to see each other, no hidden jealousy.

A very New Machine meets and ancient town but friendships can be eternal.


Oval Water Stillness

This is the beginning, my first blog !

I have been threatinging myself to do this for about 9 months, so here I am !

My Passions are many so hope to share some of them 1stly through my love of photography and hop me and my camera see the world. I feel I have been gifted with the ability to ‘see’ and my camera opens the aperture of life for me.

Next Poetry, I have found over the years that this is another thing i am good at so watch this space for proper, perfect, primitive, poetry, perfectly proportioned ! don’t worry there will be more in later blogs.

And then philosophy, the love of learning and sharing and learning from ancient to modern wisdom, we learn we live, we love, then it’s over !

I have been encouraged by my roaring friend who against all odds, “just does it”

ImageThis is the Oval near Kennington London, I was drivng past and quickly snapped the total movement and these children noticing the water fountain doing it’s thing.